Our power bills are only heading in one direction, and that’s up. This is mainly due to over-investment in an aging electricity grid. It’s also due to fact that Australians just aren’t buying as much electricity as we used to, whether it be at home or in business. A lot of our manufacturing sector has either closed down or moved production overseas, and we are much more savvy than we used to be in the way we use our power, and our households are now generally much more energy efficient. Things like LED lighting and energy efficiency ratings on our appliances have allowed us to be more energy efficient than ever before. The power companies know this and need to recoup their costs from falling demand by charging us more per kWh for electricity.

The vast majority of the world’s climate scientists now believe that humans are contributing greatly to climate change through the emission of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Coal-fired power stations that burn fossil fuels are some of the worst offenders. A solar generation system generates 100% clean, renewable energy with zero emissions. Installing a 2kW system saves 3.3 tons of carbon emissions each year, which is the equivalent of taking a car off the road every year.